Apps and Websites that Every Entrepreneur Should Know About

Being an entrepreneur means juggling multiple responsibilities at one time while managing a lot of different tasks and people. An advantage we have in this day and age is that there are so many apps and websites out there solely dedicated to make things easier for us.  Here are some apps and websites every entrepreneur should know and use:


This is one of the best apps for project management. You can use it to create a to-do list, assign tasks to your team members, check which member is working on what tasks and monitor the progress of these tasks. It also has the functionality to comment and have a conversation about each task


When you start a new business, you wont have the resources to hire employees for the wide range of tasks that you need to accomplish. helps you find freelancers to help you with things like web design, SEO, app development among a lot of other things. It’s easy to use and you pay only when you have received the work and are satisfied with it.

Google Drive

This is an essential tool to share files easily and seamlessly with your entire team. These might be files that you are working on or it’s just a document that you want to share with the team, this can easily be done with Drive.


Slack is one of the best ways of organizing your teams’ conversations. You can create separate channels for different departments and have an overall chat for the entire team.


Reddit could be a very powerful tool, once you get the hang of using it. The amount of knowledge on the platform is absolutely huge and it has one of the most active communities online. It might be the best bet to find the answer to any question that you might have and get some really good opinions.


You can use this app to save articles for later. As an entrepreneur, you have a busy schedule and you don’t always have time to read every article you come across. This could mean missing out on important information and developments. Just Pocket it and read it later in your free time!


As an entrepreneur, you will be subject to absorbing large amount of information in a very short time period. Because of this you will find yourself taking notes all the time. This app makes it simple to take notes and seamlessly sync them across all your devices.

Zoho Books

Managing finances are crucial for any business, and failing to do this is the reason why a lot of start-ups go bust. Zoho books is easy to use for anyone from a non-accounting background and helps you track your expenses, manage your accounts, and track your inventory among other things. Use their free 14 day trial to ensure that it fits your needs.


No matter how brilliant your idea is, no start-up can continue to function without adequate funding. AngelList is probably one of the most trusted platforms where you could post about your company and attract angel investors to fund your business in return for equity.