5 Tips on Becoming a Great and Inspirational Leader

Anybody can become a leader. Leadership is not something that arises out of the way someone looks and their physical attributes. Gone are the days where the word ‘Leader’ brought the image of someone who was suited up and had a corporate haircut. The modern-day leader could be anyone; from Mark Zuckerberg in his plain t-shirts and flip flops to Oprah Winfrey with her colorful dresses and permed hair. A true leader is someone that could bring the best out of the people around them, get them passionate about the project and ingrain confidence in them.

None of these things are easy to do, however, a true leader is someone that does this each and every day. Here are our 5 tips to make you a better leader:

Be a hard worker.

A leader should be willing to work with complete dedication to achieving the goals that the group sets out to achieve. If you do not put in the hard work, you cannot expect others to do it. Set an example by becoming the hardest worker in the team, someone who the team would be inspired to follow and they would do their best to follow suit.

Be Passionate about what you do.

You should exude passion and commitment towards whatever the purpose of your team or company is. You should ensure that everyone is aware of your passion towards the project and how dedicated you are to achieving success. Passion is contagious and if the leader is passionate, those around you are likely to be the same.

Understand your team.

Try and get to know everyone in the team. Things like their backgrounds, motivations, family life, what they do in their free time. This not only helps you understand them better but this closeness with them would help you better look at things from their perspectives and what problems they might be facing on a day to day basis and find a way to best solve them.

Earn your respect.

Don’t expect everyone to respect you by default just because you claim to be the ‘Leader’. Show them why you deserve respect. You do this by being honest with your work (don’t be lazy or take shortcuts), confronting problems head on and being there to help your team whenever they need you. This demonstrates your strong character and why you deserve to get their respect.

Stay humble

A true leader is someone who does not let success get to their head. When you achieve success, you should not get consumed by it, rather think of what comes next and how you could repeat this success. The most successful leaders are those who are addicted to success and are always thinking of how they could keep innovating more and improve their processes to achieve greater victories in the future.